Concessions for the development of the manganese supplies in Tambao, north-eastern Burkina Faso, have been granted by the government of Burkina Faso various times to various competitors in recent years, for the first time in April 2007 to the Weatherly/Wadi consortium of Namibia/Dubai. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Weatherly and the Burkina government was signed on 3 April 2007. However, from September 2008 the Burkina government issued a new tender in 2010, which was won by General Nice Resources (GNR) from India/Hong Kong MoU’s between GNR and the Burkina government were signed in October 2010 and March 2011. Again, the Burkina government did not meet its obligations, and for no obvious reasons disregarded GNR’s rights, and issued - again - a new tender in early 2012. GNR was invited to participate, which it did under protest, as it had already signed two MoU’s with the Burkina government. Surprisingly, the tender was won by Pan African Mining (PAM) in August 2012, despite the effort GNR made in developing concrete plans for a road and railway infrastructure, resulting into 100.000+ jobs. None of the signed agreements and MoU’s concerning the development of the Tambao manganese mine have been respected by the government of Burkina Faso.